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Hi There!

I'm Erica, a food-obsessed health nut, who loves distance running AND dessert. I suppose I am a walking dichotomy, but truthfully, I think it is possible to eat a balanced diet, full of whole foods made with healthful, nutritious ingredients, and also enjoy dessert a few nights a week. That's why I have both culinary (baking & pastry) AND nutrition degrees!


I'm a busy wife and mom and I still find time to work in a daily run. I enjoy searching for the balance in life, teaching my kids how to bake, and training for marathons - I've run 16 of them qualifying me for crazy status! 


I spent several years styling food for major periodicals and have a passion for taking pretty pictures of beautiful food. I hope you'll join me on this journey as I create quick, mostly healthy recipes, so you can also find balance in life! 

For inquiries on food photography or brand partnerships, reach me at


Thank you!