Chicken Enchilada Soup

There is nothing better on a cold, wintery day than a great big bowl of hearty soup! I love creamy, rich soups like broccoli cheddar and baked potato, but since I’m steering clear of dairy these days, I have been working on some alternatives.

I have also been trying to build up my library of “instant pot” recipes. (Side note: I don’t have the Instant Pot brand, but I do love this Insignia instant cooker that I got on MAJOR sale on Black Friday.)

We’re about to embark on a complete kitchen renovation, so I’m also a big fan of freezer meals, to stockpile while we are without a kitchen for a few weeks.

This Chicken Enchilada soup is the perfect addition to your quick, cozy winter menu. It’ freezes really well, and it can be doubled or even tripled to feed a crowd.

Some Tips:

If you are using the instant cooker, then you can sauté your chicken right in the pot! Easy, peasy! BUT, if you are using the stove top, then I recommend you still lighten your dish load by sauteeing the chicken breasts and thighs in the stock pot or dutch oven you plan to use for the soup.

Do NOT – I repeat, DO NOT – add your frozen corn until the last few minutes of cooking. I find that adding corn too soon overcooks it and makes it really tough to chew.

For the chicken, I like to use a combination of chicken breasts and chicken thighs. The thighs add a heartiness to the soup that makes it even more filing.

Ok, on with the show!

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