Chimichurri Flank Stank with Creamy Chili Polenta and Garlicky Spinach

Who says you have to wait until the weekend to bust out your grill? This steak is super simple to put together, and you can have dinner on the table in under an hour!

The sharp flavor of the chimichurri pairs so well with the creamy polenta. Add in some garlicky spinach, and your neighbors will be coming over asking what’s for dinner!

I recommend you marinate your flank steak for at least 8 hours to ensure the marinade penetrates the meat, and it helps to tenderize it too. So, you could easily throw together your marinade and chimichurri sauce before work (or even the night before!), and your steak will be ready to grill as soon as you get home!

I think this flank steak recipe also makes a great meal prep option for weekday lunches!

If you decide to make your polenta ahead of time, you will want to add about ½-¾ of a cup of milk (or almond milk or water) to it and gently reheat while whisking to break up the chunks of polenta that occur when it cools. Once you’ve reheated it, it’s delicious, but it does take a bit of time.

There is nothing much better for you than this garlicky spinach. You get healthy fats from the avocado oil, the anti-oxidant properties of garlic, and the fiber and iron from spinach. It’s the perfect go-to side dish, and literally takes less than 5 minutes to prepare!

This flank steak recipe is a great weeknight meal, but the recipe can easily be doubled to feed a crowd for a weekend get together too!

Enjoy! And as always, let us know what you think over on Instagram @sugarandsalt.wellness!

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