Cucumber & Tomato Salad

Who else is holding onto summer for as long as possible? It feels like a strange vortex where the mornings are starting to smell the tiniest bit like fall is coming, but the garden is still overflowing with cucumbers and tomatoes!

I decided to take advantage of our garden’s bounty and make this super simple and refreshing cucumber and tomato salad. It’s perfect alongside a burger, but I’ve also served it over mixed greens and added just a touch of white wine vinegar and a bit more feta cheese.

Some tips for this cucumber and tomato salad:

  • I don’t peel my cucumber all the way! Instead, I peel 3-4 strips, depending on the size of the cucumber. I basically alternate peeled and unpeeled sections. The skin of cucumber can be thick, so I like to break up that texture just a bit.

  • For the tomatoes, be sure to remove the seeds. The extra juice from this part of the tomato makes the dressing too watery.

  • This salad can be made a day ahead, but I wouldn’t make it any sooner than that. The cucumbers and tomatoes begin to water out, and it seriously dilutes the flavor of the dressing. Plus, the tomato starts to turn the dressing pink, and it’s just not very appetizing.

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