Honey-Garlic Sheet Pan Salmon with Brussels Sprouts and Potatoes

Who doesn’t love a meal with minimal dishes and almost no clean up??? I know I love it! That’s why I created this sheet pan salmon meal. It will satisfy the whole family and no one has to do the dishes!

Some things to note:

You want to make sure you roast your potatoes before anything else. They take some time in the oven to become golden brown, so you want to make sure you start there.

Your Brussels sprouts may not need to be cut in half, if they are really small. And some of them may be so large that you want to cut them into quarters. Use your discretions here.

Do NOT overcook your salmon. It will become tough and just not good. Look for the freshest fish possible! Wild caught salmon is so much better for you than farm raised, but you want it to be fresh or it will taste a little fishy.

Also, if you can't find a whole side of salmon, individual fillets are perfectly fine!

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