Mushroom Risotto with Roasted Carrots and Swiss Chard

I’m all about a one pot meal, and risotto fits that bill! Plus, risotto is a perfect way to sneak in loads of veggies. This one is full of mushrooms, carrots, and Swiss chard, so you get all you need in a bowl!

I know what you might be thinking...risotto is so daunting to make and you have to babysit it for like 2 hours! Well, not with my recipe, you don’t! I’ve got a super simple hack to make risotto the easiest thing you’ll cook all week!

Want to know my secret? It will blow your mind with how simple it is! Ya ready??? All you have to do is literally BAKE your risotto! Once the rice is cooked through, stir it vigorously with butter, wine and cheese, and you’ve got the creamy risotto of your dreams!

Most of the time risotto is made with white wine. Because of the earthiness and warmth of the mushrooms and Swiss chard, I decided to try it out with red wine instead. It was AMAZING! Now, if you don’t keep red wine on hand, you can certainly use white wine, and it will be super delicious! I just really love the depth of flavor the red wine added to this dish.

Something to note: keep an eye on your risotto at the 45 minute mark. You want to be sure it’s not overcooking. Otherwise, you could end up with a sticky, burned mess.

If you wanted to add a protein to this risotto, chicken or shrimp would be wonderful! You can also change up the veggies, if you want. That’s the beauty of risotto!

Enjoy and as always let me know what you think over on Instagram @sugarandsalt_co!

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