Peach and Ginger Scones with Lemon-Ginger Glaze

I just LOVE summer! I love the heat, the humidity, the lake, the pool. ALL the summer things, including summer fruit, especially peaches! I’m always on the hunt for good peach recipes and easy breakfast ideas, so I decided to make these scones. You can make them ahead and reheat them for the week! You can even freeze the dough, and bake a few at a time.

These peach scones are a perfect addition to any brunch party, too. They travel easily, everyone loves, them, and really they are so easy to make. The other great thing about this recipe is that you can substitute any of your favorite fruit, if you can’t find ripe peaches. Nectarines are a great substitute, and so are berries.

When making peach scones, make sure that you do not overwork the butter into your flour mixture. Also, when making the peach scones, make sure that you are using a VERY gentle hand when folding the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients.

If you work the peaches in too much, they will become mushy, so be sure you are only folding them in until the mixture just begins to come together.

When you do the first roll of your peach scone dough, be sure not to roll too thin.

Once you’ve very gently spread the butter on the dough, very gently fold 1/3 of the dough over the butter. Fold the other side over, and VERY gently press down to slightly flatten the scone dough. This will make it easier to do your next folds.

VERY gently fold the top 1/3 of the scone dough down, and finally the last 1/3 up.

Again, VERY gently press the biscuit dough down and then gently roll. DO NOT roll the dough too thin, and do not use a heavy hand. Let your rolling pin do the work! If you press the dough too hard at this point during the process, you will overmix your peach scones and will not have flaky layers.

I use a pastry bowl scraper to cut my peach scones. I first cut the dough in half, lengthwise Next I cut the dough into squares, but making horizontal cuts. Finally, cut each square in half, on a diagonal, to form triangles.

Once your scones have baked and cooled slightly, drizzle them with the glaze for an extra ginger kick!

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