Summertime Pasta Carbonara

I’m a huge fan of recipes that are quick to put together, especially during busy weeknights….but really is there a night that isn’t busy??? I was always intimidated to make a pasta carbonara, because I just got so nervous about scrambling the eggs! In hindsight, this is really silly, because I started out in the pastry world, where making custards is a MUST.

You’ll soon find out that I’m a big fan of recipes that can become blank canvases for any veggies you have on hand, or any veggies you prefer, for that matter. The mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach are great here, but you can substitute any vegetables you like!

You MUST be sure to be totally ready to start stirring the eggs as soon as you pour them into the pasta. If you’re not ready, you’ll quickly end up with scrambled egg pasta, and nobody wants that. Otherwise, this pasta is pretty straightforward and is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

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