Super Simple Strawberry Shortcake

Updated: Jun 13

Want a PERFECT dessert to take to the potluck this summer? Look no further! I don’t know that I have ever met someone who doesn’t like strawberry shortcake.

We have gone strawberry picking a few times this year, and have loved it every time. If you’ve never had a freshly picked strawberry, I HIGHLY recommend it! They taste just like candy. During our most recent trip, the picking was slim, because we’ve reached the end of peak season, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t get enough strawberries to make this recipe.

It’s simple to make, and is a total crowd pleaser.

  • Make sure your strawberries are sliced before measuring. If you measure first, and then slice, you won’t have enough.

  • Don’t overcook the strawberries, or they will turn to mush.

  • Be sure you watch your whipped cream closely, or it will overmix, and you’ll have butter!

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