Zesty Herbed Potato Salad

I LOVE a good creamy potato salad, but like most heavier food items, it leaves me feeling less than stellar. A few years ago, I started making potato salad with a vinegar base rather than a mayonnaise base. Don’t get me wrong, I still sneak in a little mayo for some added creaminess, and you can ONLY use Duke’s Mayonnaise. It’s a rule in the south.

This recipe is super simple for a potluck, but it also goes great served alongside grilled chicken and a simple green salad for an easy weeknight meal.

Some things you want to remember:

Do not let the potatoes cook for too long. Doing this will cause them to become gummy when you’re stirring the vinaigrette in.

You can certainly use dried herbs if you do not have any fresh, but the fresh herbs scream summertime!

Potato salad is ALWAYS best when made a day ahead. This allows all the flavors to really meld together.

This is not your grandma’s potato salad, so it does have a little zing to it!

Enjoy, and as always, let us know what you think over on Instagram @sugarandsalt.wellness!

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